Reasons to shift to ethical fashion!

Everything has consequences, like the pretty clothes of the fast fashion brands contributing to 10% of the global gas emissions making it the second largest polluter of the world. The brands over manufacturing by 30-40%, the majority of which ends up in landfills, the consequence is of which is our earth suffocating and not being able to renew it. The fast fashion brands manufacture immensely and keep introducing new styles, it’s hard to keep up with the style game in this era. However, in order to do so consumers tend to indulge in buying new style and often throwing away the clothes used once or twice in absolutely immaculate condition, the consequence of which is us as people turning into less appreciative beings.

So, we, the team of The Woven Threads have espoused it as our duty to create awareness and support the right causes. With this blog, we as a sustainable fashion brand bring you some of the innumerable reasons to make the necessary shift to ethical fashion!

Quality = Less waste:Quality is the essence of sustainable fashion, aiming to last longer. Whereas, clothes produced by the fast brands don’t last longer as their motive is to make the consumers purchase more. Which in turn leads to more waste. Remember, that the money you spend is casting a vote to the kind of world you support. Shifting to sustainable fashion will not only help the world profusely but also help you save some bucks.

Support local artisans:It is irrefutable that the covid crisis has brought with itself an unprecedented situation, a situation where despair and trepidation became normal. It is going to be highly difficult to recover and amid this, the situation of local artisans and craftsmen has exacerbated. With the prime minister urging people to support locally to revive the economy, investing in sustainable brands can be a great way to do it. As you will not only be adding something stylish to your wardrobe but also saving the planet and the people from the ennui.

Save the planet:  The fast fashion industry leaves a huge environmental footprint. From the impact on landfill, to power and water consumption, fast fashion is a tremendous problem for the environment. In adopting sustainable fashion, you say no to contributing to the negative environmental impact, the fashion industry causes, and ebb your own environmental foot print.

Unique fashion: Fast fashion is trends, but we’ve been dictated what to wear for so long most of us have forgotten our own unique style. Many sustainable fashion brands emphasize on creating beautiful timeless pieces of finest quality. Curate your own personal style, bid a bye to the money wasting fashion trends and wear clothes that truly reflect you.

We at the The Woven Threads urge people to make the conscious choice of making this necessary shift, not only in California or India but the whole world.  Let’s act like whatever we do makes a change, because it does. Do let us know if these reasons persuaded your perspective towards fashion.