COVID crisis and its impact on the fashion industry!

With the world coming to an unmitigated halt due to the lethal covid-19, with coronavirus dominating the headlines and humans are homebound to save themselves from the catastrophic virus. The ramifications of the virus and the lockdown following it has been beyond anyone’s anticipation. It has hit the economy and several industries with a violent unimaginable thrust and fashion industry is one of them. With the production ceased, retailers closed and demands plummeted, fashion industry has experienced a hard hit due to the pandemic deeming it to be an existential crisis for the industry. Adding onto the horror, recent pictures of fast-fashion stores became viral where clothes and accessories kept inside were rotten, not only was it an unpleasant sight, but also raised some important questions on the gargantuan waste the industry produces suffocating our Earth. Apart from that, there were more goods already produced to go in the stores rotting in the factories of these glamorous fast-fashion brands now. The fast-fashion brands have only exacerbated the problem by condoning such activities.

Clothing industry is the second largest polluter of the world, contributing to 10% of the global gas emissions. Unequivocally, it produces much more than our earth can renew. With the lockdown, this waste is accelerated profusely. Whereas, on the other hand, there are artisans and craftsmen struggling to make their ends meet during this excruciating time. With these facts getting accentuated, the period of lockdown is turning into a period of epiphany. As they say, desperate times call for desperate measures, this calamity is posing an opportunity to the sector to make the necessary shift to a more sustainable and greener fashion.

Everybody wants to change the world but nobody wants to change themselves for the world. Not only just the sector, but its sacrosanct for the consumers to be more aware too and make the necessary shift. Support the artisans saving them from the ennui and constant trepidation while also saving the planet. This phase is definitely transforming people’s values regarding fashion massively for the good.

After all, it’s not going be all doom and gloom for the fashion industry if only we remember the lessons taught by the Covid crisis for responsible business and espousing sustainability by the brands. Whereas, consumers remember that only dead fish go with the flow and make the necessary shift through conscious effort.