Sustainability in style this summer!

Summer season is celebrated as a season of exuberance, of cheerfulness, of fashion, of beer and skittles. Decisions and contemplation are afoot for summers from a long time before, from the next vacation spot to relax in or the new dessert place to relish or all the adorable crop tops and sundresses to ace. Whereas, every summer brings with it gargantuan of excitement, this summer is going to be even more special.

With the lockdown getting lifted slowly, after being locked in the confinements of our home for two long months which seemed like a vexatious era. However, this vexatious era did teach us all a lesson or two, the most important one being “never to take the underrated things in life for granted.” This summer, we at The woven threads take it as our duty to make people more cognizant of how catastrophic fast fashion is for our planet and how important it is to choose a greener fashion.

Precisely why, we have curated this article from inputs of a renowned designer Pubali Sen, founder and designer of “The woven threads”, to help you revaluate your wardrobe and ace this summer with style and ethics.

Another reason to go green in fashion is supporting local. The covid crisis has irrefutably thrusted every aspect, a humanitarian crisis followed by an inevitable financial crisis. Whereas, big fast fashion brands keep the profit to themselves, local artisans are an integral part of sustainable brands. Shopping from these brands would fill you with felicity not just by the joy of buying a new stylish outfit but also by saving the planet and saving the artisans from ennui.

The fast fashion brands produce clothes which are trendy but bereft of uniqueness and individual personality and made of cheap fabrics which get ravaged after wearing two times. Sustainable brands are highly ardent towards producing unique pieces which symbolizes the person carrying them. Sustainable brands are renowned for their uniqueness. Accentuating the same, we at The Woven threads have come up with quirky face masks to protect you from the virus while also staying super stylish.

A collection full of airy and breezy fabrics to let you stay comfortable and make you look absolutely enchanting. From sundresses for the brunch to co-ords for the night dates, we at the woven threads have given a sweet story to every piece we have. We also have a made-to-manufacture policy which means we manufacture on demand to ensure minimal wastage. You can order these pieces for anyone, be it your kid or your mom or yourself, we can make them for all. Win these summers by twinning with your loved one!


Its high time we bid a goodbye to the sinister fast fashion brands, which may seem trendy but is only a façade and is as beguiling as it gets. Fashion Industry contributes to 10% of the global gas emissions, more than all international flights and maritime combined. It’s highly essential for us to be aware and make conscious efforts to bring about a necessary change.