Sustainable fashion and India

Reusing fashion, a greener and sustainable fashion has sought commendable popularity on the global front in the last seven years. While people tend to believe this concept to be a relatively new one for India. We at The woven threads would like to accentuate that this concept has existed in India for ages now. This concept has been embraced by the land of Mahatma Gandhi! A lot of our thinkers and leaders have encouraged the use of Swadeshi i.e. organically grown fabrics for making attires. It is unfettered to just the leaders, it has been embedded on us to eek anything we use to the maximum, from passing on clothes to younger siblings to using an old cloth for dusting.

Ethical clothing or sustainable fashion has begun making its hallmark in the Indian market. From fairly paying to the workers, to using natural fabrics and dyes, brands are unmitigatedly cherishing this new shift in the clothing industry. Gone are the days when ethical fashion meant Oldschool or boring clothes. Many had apprehensions that going greener in terms of fashion would mean compromising on the style quotient. However, designers are truly proving them all wrong with enthralling designs which represent a personality.

Rapidly, Indians are becoming cognizant of the environmental consequences of the menacing fast-fashion, and so they are rightfully making the necessary shift. Today, eco-friendly clothing is crafted without any compromise on quality. They are stylish, immaculately well-designed, highly durable and quite affordable. Unequivocally, the main reasons behind this immense surge of eco-friendly product consumers is due to the rapid awareness. Impressively and increasingly, top brands are stepping forward to promote ethical clothing because the buyers are now becoming aware and raising questions. They are becoming highly aware. In fact, brands are also promoting recycling and customization of garments which is a huge step in the right direction like ourselves, The woven threads. You just need to tell us who it is for and we will make it particularly for them, be it for a kid, a teenager, a mom or a grandmom, we make them for all. In order to cut down on the waste, we at the woven threads manufacture only on demand.

Indians have realized that they can contribute to protecting and saving the planet while looking stylish simultaneously. Consumers have stopped being besotted with trendy garments, buying excessively one after another. The plan here is to go green and ethical in every aspect from the manufacturing of the product to sale, and of course, recycling of clothes. The shift is not only evident in producing sustainable clothing, but also the consumption of it. It definitely fills us as brand motivated towards protecting the environment and making people aware, to see how progressively India is espousing the right fashion, the sustainable fashion!