Sustainable lifestyle

We at the woven threads have often emphasized on the need to shift to sustainable fashion, have often tried to accentuate the obscured hideous truths about the otherwise scintillatingly impeccable fashion industry. We hope that we were able to make you contemplate about the necessary shift to an ethical fashion. However, today with this article we would like to share a few tips to change to a sustainable lifestyle with the inputs of the founder of the woven threads, Ms. Pubali Sen herself. While reducing your environmental footprint may seem slightly futile and daunting, we have curated some simple tips for you to help you do your part and lead a happier and greener life.

 Instead of incandescent lighting, use LED lighting or CFL bulbs as it is proven to last much longer, ipso facto, reducing the need to keep buying light bulbs.

Grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs. It may be just a few pots around the house, but it all helps. Besides, it would also help you indulge in a new hobby.

Sustainable commuting could double up as your fun work-out session. opt for a bicycle to places near you, using a staircase and ditching the elevator can definitely help in sculpting the legs you’ve wanted. Using public transport is a commendable way to cut down, while also giving you some time to catch up on the novel adorned with dust these days.

“Say no to plastic”, this is what we have been told and made several projects in school upon. However, how much do we really implement that is flabbergasting. Ditch the plastic and use a cotton or jute bag instead. Try to take your own bags in flea markets or other places where they give products in a plastic bag.

Fashion is irrefutably an integral part of our lives. An ethical fashion can help immensely, in saving the planet, saving the artisans from a despicable ennui and saving you from burning a hole in your pocket. Invest in quality clothes which last longer. Reduce the frequency of washing clothes. Old clothes which you no longer use can be given to someone in need or you can refurbish them with adorable DIY.

Go paperless! We at the woven threads can’t emphasize enough upon this. Request to receive paperless notices and digital letters. Electronic wedding invitations can be fun and exquisite way to reduce wastage of paper. Ask the suppliers to mail you the receipt instead of a hard paper copy.

These were just a few tips that we had to espouse and embrace a sustainable and ethical lifestyle. Everybody wants to change the world but nobody wants to change themselves for the world. It’s sacrosanct to comprehend that we need to take the first step even if nobody else does. Every step counts.