Tips on how to make the shift to ethical fashion!

Since we, The Woven Threads took a pledge to sustainability we also made a promise to spread awareness about the desperate need for a greener fashion and help people espouse it. So, if your wardrobe is filled with clothesyou bought because they were cute and no longer are or If the shopaholic you buy clothes in abundance which you’ll wear only once or twice and now wish to put an end to condoning such activities. This article is just for you.

From celebrities all around the globe, Emma Watson a quintessential brain with beauty be it in the harry potter series or the real life, to Michael Fassbender renowned for being magneto in X-men movies proving to be a superhero in real life. Even famous Bollywood celebrities like Katrina Kaif and Ahana kumra who recently was spotted wearing collection from the woven threads. They all are doing their bit to save the planet, ditch the conventions of the glamour world and espouse an environment-friendly wardrobe. With so many celebrities encouraging it, current fashion phase is soon going to transcend into sustainable fashion.

As they say every calamity brings an opportunity, the phase of lockdown is the perfect opportunity to shift to ethical fashion. Fashion Industry is the second largest polluter of the world, scintillating and glamorous on the outside it has some hideous truths which remain obscured. With the clarity to not take Mother Earth for granted setting in, let’s do our bit in protecting it.
Not only will you be doing good to be the planet but also supporting local artisans during this excruciating time. Allow the team of The Woven Threads help you to refurbish your wardrobe to an ethical and a stylish one:

Bid a bye to the excess:

The first thing to do is take out all the extra clothes and separate them as per your need. Create space by removing the clothes which you’re not going to use and give it to someone who can utilise it post lockdown.

Shop ethical brands :

For a very long time now, Fashion industry has been producing more than we can consume and disposing off way more than the earth can replenish. About 85% of the production ends up in landfills, the earth can never replenish this much. Ensure you’re purchasing from Sustainable brands only. It not only adds value to your wardrobe but also takes care of the environment and generates less waste.

Brands with a cause :

There are exquisite brands which bring a lot of value with their philanthropic deeds, the happiness by shopping from such brands is unfettered to just new clothes as you also do your bit in protecting the environment. Like ourselves, at The Woven Threads, we plant a tree for every sale you make. With an aim to reduce wastage we’re 100% made to measure and only manufacture on demand.

Quality over quantity :

Transitioning to a wardrobe that reflects quality pieces that last a long time, instead of cheap trendy pieces, can help getting ready in the morning easier and is less of a strain on the planet. A quality over quantity attitude is highly essential.

A swap party :

One person's trash is another person's treasure. Attending a clothing swap is a smart and fun way to recycle clothing and get a new wardrobe and to socialise after the lockdown ends.

The fashion industry produces more greenhouse gas emissions per year than all international airline flights and maritime shipping trips combined, this calls for a deep contemplation and strong actions on part of every consumer and the brands to put an end to these peccadilloes. Let’s act as if it makes a difference, because It does, let’s switch to sustainable fashion and do our bit to save the mother.