We are the world’s first sustainable fashion brand to offer Made-to-Fit, Made-to-Order clothing. Made-to-Order strongly echoes our mission to make fashion as waste-free as we can. We are a no inventory brand making us unique and commited to our pledge.

Being an eco-friendly brand focussing beyond bio-degradable and handwoven fabric becomes important when adopting a 360 degree sustainability in fashion. Handcrafted from scratch, every style is a result of endless days of hard work that a team of weavers, dyers, craftsmen, and tailors put in for one finished product.

Made to Fit custom clothing
While Made-to-Fit can be very challenging and very ambitious our key inspiration behind this is You. Every women is unique and a standard sizing chart means that your clothes are not tailored for the perfect fit. We make it very simple
  1. Select a style from our collection 
  2. Fill in a size form with all the needed details
  3. Confirm Order 

 Once your order is placed we will ship your custom piece to you within 12-16 business days.